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Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Ever wanted to hop on to the #QuarantineBaking trend but is simply uncertain of absolutely everything about the baking process? Pulling out easy recipes off the internet realising that the only butter you have is the ability to butter someone up with your impeccable vocabulary? Or do you just have that one friend who is constantly in your DMs bothering you to send some of your bakes their way and the only baking they can do is to bake you go crazy?

Fortunately, SANBOX and sNAZk Snacks are here to mend your friend-chips!

sNAZk Snacks is a home-based business managed by Ummul Nazihah, providing a humble assortment of delectable desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. Living up to its logo, sNAZk Snacks's signature is their highly addictive chocolate chip cookies which will tempt you to scrap your diet and indulge in its sinful pleasure. Standing out with seasonality, their menu also ranges from baklava rings, basque cheesecake, brownies and many more!

In collaboration with Snazk Snacks, SANBOX is bringing to you a DIY Cookie Decorating Kit! Create your own cookie masterpieces with no baking mess, no nagging moms and best of all, no prior baking experience is required! Just snip the tip of the piping bags and get creative.

What's inside the DIY Cookie Decorating Kit?

Small Kit - $22.90

  • 1 set of undecorated butter cookies

  • 1 set of royal icings (50g each)

  • 1 shaker of sprinkle (10g)

Large Kit - $29.90

  • 2 sets of undecorated butter cookies

  • 1 set of royal icings (100g each)

  • 2 shaker of sprinkle (10g each)

*Prices are not inclusive of $5 delivery on the chosen date

*Self-collection is free-of-charge at Woodlands 730859

1 set of undecorated butter cookies includes:

  • 1 Gingerbread man

  • 1 Gingerbread woman

  • 1 Heart

  • 1 Flower

  • 1 Circle

1 set of royal icings are in the following colours:

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Blue

  • Red

Here at SANBOX, we are committed to supporting those in need during this period of uncertainty. As such, 20% of the proceeds from this sales will be donated to Sayang Sayang Fund!

What's a Sayang Sayang Fund?

The Fund is managed by The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS), who works with community partners and service agencies to identify vulnerable communities who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and to provide them with aid.

They are involved in:

1. Supporting community-based emergency response funds for marginalised communities adversely affected by the COVID-19 situation

2. Providing innovative solutions and research to better combat COVID-19

3. Building capabilities that support charities' operational and/or business continuity processes

More information can be found at: https://www.giving.sg/community-foundation-of-singapore/sayang_sayang_fund

Keen to cure your boredom, eat delicious treats AND do good for society?

Snag sNAZk Snacks’s DIY Cookie Decorating Kit now!

This DIY Cookie Decorating Kit is made possible by the following sponsors:

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