Cute Little Illustration from @_Cutelittlesushi

Digital illustration and portraits have been a growing hype online as more illustrators jumped onto the bandwagon to revolutionize more traditional art forms.

_Cutelittlesushi was founded by Nuruljannah Bte Muhamad Riduan back in 2018. Ms Jannah started her Instagram account out of sheer passion for what she does. Instagram was a platform she chose to showcase her beautiful artwork, which has clearly attracted attention from her followers! She soon received her first art commission and thus, became where she is today. Jannah mainly does portraits, branding and food illustrations and occasionally stickers. She also does painting on tote bags and canvases and we had the opportunity to interview the artist ­herself!

How and when did you start practicing art?

I was always into arts and crafts when I was younger, as my mum occupied me with a lot of creative activities. I started illustrating properly when I was in school of design, which slowly then turned into a passion!

What would you describe your art style before going digital? Has this style influenced your digital style?

My art style has always been vast and I loved to explore a lot of concepts. I dont really stick to one style because I did not want to restrain myself from being imaginative & finding different ideas. Which is why even after diving into digital art, I try to keep my illustration style quite vast & open.


What can people expect from _Cutelittlesushi in the future?

More collaborations, stickers and also different illustration styles for commissions! Right now we only offer 3 basic styles which are simple, half-portrait & realistic. Tentatively, we want to expand that list to a more creative and eye-catching one!

Order your illustrations now from @_cutelittlesushi and use the promo code that is included in our Kids DIY Box!

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