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Fun Fix for Kids!

Calling all tired parents who are running out of ways to keep the kids entertained while at home and cool aunties or uncles who are trying to win their nieces or nephew’s heart! SANBOX is here to ensure that YOU will claim the title of being their favourite person on earth!

Designed for kids aged 3 to 6, Kids DIY Box carries contents which are engaging yet educational and will keep the kid’s attention glued to the different activities all afternoon.

What’s inside the box?

DIY Slime Kit

The slime craze shows no sign of abating here at SANBOX! This tactile activity will not only awaken their senses but can be a great way to teach the little ones’ problem-solving skills as they manoeuvre their way into making the best slime consistency. Slime is also undeniably fun and replaces trips to the playground especially since it is now limited due to the increasing precautionary actions taken to avoid any chances of catching the virus.

This DIY Slime Kit comes in 3 different themes which are vibrant, cool and pastel. Parental supervision is advised but this activity will tempt people of all ages to take part in, thus serving as a great way to bond as a family!

Electronic Pet

For the most of us, the term “Tamagochi” welcomes a dose of technological nostalgia. Similar to the old-school version, this electronic pet will keep the little ones entertained for hours - allowing you to keep your phones for yourselves! YouTube who? Talking toys are also known to create a new form of entertainment for kids, as they awaken their sense of hearing and expands their imagination.

This Electronic Pet comes in 5 different colours and will for sure be your toddler’s new favourite item!

Mask by HawzSnug

As with sanitising and maintaining social distance, wearing a mask is also part of the 'new normal'. However, the ones that are readily available might be too large for the kids and the designs may not appeal to them. Hawzsnug’s reusable mask, on the other hand, are specially designed for them!

Hammerhead Shark Plushie by nudiiandwhale

Sharks may fall under the category of everyone's most feared fish. However, a shark plushie will most definitely fall under the category of every kids' favourite soft toy! The warmth of this cuddly toy offers comfort and security that kids desire and will be perfect for them to sleep with after a day of fun-filled activities gathered from this box.

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