How to Kickstart Your Investment Journey!

Have you ever wondered how to start your investment journey but don’t know how to? We interviewed our generous sponsor for our upcoming DIY Cookie Decorating Kit, Nurul Asikin Binte Riduwan (MAS Issued Rep No. NAB300099776), an investment strategist to help you you understand your financial needs and open your mind to understand things that are important and would benefit you in the long term.

“Firstly, as a first time Investor I had so many questions and doubts regarding investment. Asikin was so patient with me when it comes to clearing my never-ending doubts. She never hesitates to repeat herself multiple times when I still couldn't understand what she was explaining. I appreciate her taking the time to arrange 4 zoom meetings to ensure that I'm confident with everything." - Syirin 22yo, PSA

Why is financial planning important?

Financial planning helps you to plan for your short to long term goals and to prepare for your financial stability so that you can have a peace of mind in the future. As well as discover where most of your money goes to.

What are some common misconceptions about financial planning?

“Only rich people can afford to do financial planning”

In short, you do not need to earn 5 figures to consult an adviser or start your financial planning, anyone who is unsure and confused should seek for help.

“Financial advisers are untrustworthy and apathetic”

It’s true that many clients experience financial losses and felt neglected as a result of poor advice and poor service. Remember, not all advisers are bad, you just haven’t found the right one.

“I can do my own financial planning”

Of course you can, but why struggle with the process to do your own research on investments when you can have an adviser to help you achieve your goals?

What is the most popular question that clients ask you when starting their investment journey with you?

“Do I need to have a lump sum of $10K to start investing?

No, you don’t! The minimum amount to start investing is $300!”

"Your explanation was clear cut. Whatever doubts and concerns I got in my mind, you were able to elaborate to me instantly. Not only that, with further examples given, you made me understand better. You also gave me a few suggestions which are reliable." - Faris 23yo, NS Men

Describe to us the process of how you help your clients kick start their journey in investments and understanding investment?

I would contact the client and we would meet up through Zoom/F2F. I will analyze their problem and find a solution for them. I will then share with them a few insights and when the client is satisfied and confident we shall proceed with the paperwork. Easy!

Interested in kick-starting this journey with Asikin? Contact her now for a free consultation!

Call/Whatsapp at 96371492

Email at

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