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It All Starts with Self-Care

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Happiness starts from within, and sometimes, finding that joy is as simple as giving yourself an at-home makeover. In this edition of SANBOX, we bring you the ‘Beauty Box’, a specially curated mix of local cosmetic products and accessories for your next makeover.

Jade Roller

Old is definitely gold when it comes to this beauty tool. Originating in ancient China, jade rollers have been an essential part of every girl’s skincare routine since the Qing Dynasty. These rollers help to stimulate circulation and relax your facial muscles, giving you a natural face lift and visible glow.

A quick tip would be to leave your jade rollers in the fridge or an air-conditioned room overnight. A cooler jade roller enhances the relaxation of muscles and even gets rid of any puffiness in the face.

Belle Beauty Sponge

This tool is another key favorite in everyone’s makeup collection. The Belle Beauty Sponge from Estbelle.SG is latex-free to ensure minimal product is absorbed, giving you that prefect #MOTD-worthy look. With its teardrop shape, you can be sure that even hard-to-reach spots are covered thoroughly.

O.TWO.O Lengthening Gold Mascara

Skip the falsies with O.TWO.O Singapore’s Lengthening Gold Mascara. With its improved formula, this product lengthens and thickens the lashes for a false-lash effect. To prevent smudges, the curved brush technology in the mascara wand ensures your application is easy and mess-free.

Makeup Remover Pad

After a long day, what’s worse than wanting your remove your makeup but realizing you ran out of makeup remover or cotton pads? With the makeup remover pad, you won’t have to worry again as this tool cleanses your face using only water. The best part is, these pads are reusable!

Minimal Concepts Mystery Earrings

What’s life without a little surprise? Specializing in terracotta and clay earrings, Minimal Concept accessories sell out fast as each item is handcrafted and has its own unique design. Playing with different textures and colors, these earrings add a personal touch to your outfit so grab them while you can!

Discount Codes from Sponsors

Save some dollars off your next shopping spree with discount codes from SANBOX sponsors. Our sponsors include The Bath Theory Singapore, Minimal Concepts and Estbelle Singapore. Seize this exclusive chance to shop their products with a special discount!

Ready to indulge in your next self-care pamper session with SANBOX? Get a ‘Beauty Box’ delivered to your doorstep on our site today!

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