Locally made Kombu butter spread for any occasion!

Spread’s kombu butter is handcrafted by couple, Gerard & Mandy since 2018. Having been in the F&B industry for several years, Gerard’s passion for the culinary arts inspired Spread’s rich and creamy kombu butter. Initially, the couple made this artisanal Spread to share with friends and family. Their raving reviews encouraged them to start a business. Using Instagram and Facebook as a platform to advertise their butter, Mandy has managed to bring awareness to Spread and grow a robust client base.

Working together, their mission is to elevate commonly used ingredients to the next level. Being two stylish individuals, the look they have created is sleek and #instaworthy.

Their scrumptious kombu butter is derived from a union of two countries, Japan and France. Kombu originates from Japan. It is a seaweed/kelp that is cured in soya sauce and dehyrdated. It is typically used in prestige dishes to provide an umami flavour.

From France, we have our delightful butter with strong nutty notes and creamy texture. Making French butter is an art. From what is fed to the cows, to how the cream is cultured before it turns into butter.

The combination of the perfect marriage leaves you dancing for more. Why wait? Grab your tubs now!

What can you use Kombu butter for?

· Crusty bread

· Pastries

· Crackers

· Seafood

· Pasta

· Steak

Don’t forget to check out @spreadwithstyle on Instagram & Facebook to use their promo code that we have provided in our DIY Cookie Decorating Kit! The promotion is valid till 30 Aug 2020. Get yours now!

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