Hi everyone, Izzah here! 


Firstly, a HUGE thank you for helping out with this little fundraising project! I am really looking forward to raising enough funds for Wares' Mutual Aid Sheet in order to spread out across various beneficiaries! Do read on for more details about this fundraiser and thanks once again for your support!


To note about the fundraiser: 


  1. This fundraiser will end on 12th Oct 2020, 2359. 

  2. I will produce an update shortly after the fundraiser ends on where the funds will be channelled to. 100% of the sale proceeds will go to the beneficiaries. 

  3. Also, as this is a one-man operation, it will take some time for the items to reach you (~2 weeks) so do be patient with me :)  

  4. This fundraiser is supported by SANBOX. Thank you SANBOX for letting me use your online site to automate the ordering and payment process for me! 

More information on Mutual Aid Sheet: 


The Wares team (@wares.notwarehouses) created a platform where people all over Singapore could ask help from the community without having to go through the formal processes of seeking government assistance. Having personally spent some time in the social service sector, I realized that this is sometimes a long drawn out process which sometimes fails to meet the urgent and dire need of individuals. It can even be demeaning as they feel that their lives are under scrutiny and are constantly being judged by their actions. So, I hope that we can all start to offer help with less judgment and more empathy as these individuals are humans with feelings and dignity :) 


Do feel free to contribute more than the suggested prices! You can give more under "Donations". Happy shopping!

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